RGU and Sports Technology Services join forces to take CoachCam to next level

Robert Gordon University (RGU) and Sports Technology Services (STS) have teamed up as part of £121,000 Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP) aimed at developing the next generation of sporting software.

The two year project will see the RGU School of Computing Science and Digital Media team help STS take its CoachCam app, which provides athletes with the opportunity and ability to record, edit, analyse and create performance videos, to the next level by introducing more intelligent and interactive features.

KTP Associate Pamela Johnston will undertake the design and development of CoachCam’s new features with STS’s Head of Technology Alan Ritchie, while the project’s Principle Investigator (PI), RGU lecturer Dr Eyad Elyan, will be the knowledgebase supervisor.

The KTP will see a number of additional features added to CoachCam including the integration of advanced machine learning and machine vision methods to the software to provide an intelligent platform for observing, analysing and providing objective feedback to people practicing sports activities.

This will result in a product that has evolved from a communication and presentation tool to a product for measured analysis and feedback.

Mrs Johnston said: “It’s great to be applying academic advancements to real life situations. It’s a particularly exciting time to join STS with the recent launch of CoachCam and with RGU’s partnership we will be able to develop even more new features and products.”

Mr Ritchie added: “This is a fantastic project for STS and we’re very excited to be collaborating with RGU to take cutting edge research and technology and apply it to our CoachCam App to take it to the next level.”

Dr Elyan said: “This is a very exciting project to be involved in and provides a unique opportunity for RGU to transfer knowledge and research in advanced imaging and machine learning techniques and to help STS stay ahead of the game in the sports industry.

“Vitally, the proposed solution will open market opportunities beyond the sport industry and STS to explore alternative markets, such as health and fitness, training and education, physiotherapy and remedial exercise.”